Baby weight… I need to start facing into it sooner rather than later

It has been 8 weeks since I gave birth and time has flown by! I wasn’t sleeping well toward the end of pregnancy, but sleep (or lack of) is completely different with a newborn!! I am the type of person that loves 8-10 hours sleep a night! 9pm means bedtime to me, and when pregnant […]

routine, mum guilt and baby groups…

We are approaching 7 weeks in to our family of 4 and I feel like we are getting into our new rhythm and routine. I know that if I don’t have a shower pretty soon after waking up then it will be late morning (or the following day) before I manage to get one. I […]

things we bought for baby number 2

Having more than one child was something we always planned. I am really close with my sisters and want the same for my children, so we knew we wouldn’t be stopping at one baby. As Woody grew out of clothes, bouncers, beds etc, they were all packed up and put in the loft for when another […]