The need for to-do lists…

We are four and a half weeks in to being a family of 4. A little routine is beginning (for the family, not the baby!!) as the new norm settles which is nice. Woody really dictates with the routine of old, and we fit everything else around this. I am really enjoying spending more time […]

39 weeks pregnant… my feet are getting fat!!

So the countdown to baby continues! Saturday¬†saw me make it to 39 weeks and so it really does feel like it could be any minute really. It is all starting to feel a lot more real and I am really looking forward to holding this little man in my arms. Friday saw my latest midwife […]

34 weeks pregnant

With Christmas over, the new baby’s arrival seems so much closer. Some little panics have meant purchases have been made for the hospital bag, and Sunday just gone saw us getting all baby paraphernalia out of the loft in preparation. We have always planned for two children so as Woody grew out of things they […]