The beginning of sleep….

As Arlo approaches one year old (I know, where did that go!?) there is lots of reflecting going on (although that seems to be my January theme too at the moment!!). A massive one has been about the past years sleep, or lack of it. I have always loved my bed and sleeping. 8-10 hours […]

Three year old tantrums….

O my goodness the emotional life of a three year old! It’s a tough one for them. So many emotions and not all the ability to be able to compute them and explain them all. This evening has been a prime example. We come in from work and nursery with the best intentions. All home […]

To 2018 – our new norm and making the most of family time!!

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I have written.  Back to work and managing that and home as well as the Christmas break, I guess something had to give! It’s the beginning of 2018, and although not intended, it has given some time for reflection and future planning. Tuesday January 2nd marked my […]

Back to work after maternity leave number 2…

It feels like literally seconds ago I was writing about finishing work, excited to be starting maternity leave and the arrival of baby Arlo. If feels like seconds ago I was worried about how maternity leave with two children would go, coping to share my time and give them both enough. It feels like seconds, […]

A journey from Breast to Bottle…

Our journey from breast feeding to bottle feeding has not been easy. It is by no means complete, but we have made progress so it is worth documenting. Honestly, I didn’t really think getting a baby to take a bottle was a real issue. I had heard about it before and thought it sounded tough, […]