Lockdown 2020 – thinking about the positives

As I write this, we are entering week 10 of lockdown. 9 weeks of just us 4 – adapting, surviving, arguing, enjoying, learning and playing. And although we feel like we have had to give up so so much – mostly spending time with our family and friends, there are positives that have come from it, and I feel its worth noting them down.

Lockdown has allowed us to slow down. We lead a very busy and structured way of life. During the week the boys get dropped off at school and nursery, we both work, and then the boys are picked up, fed and put to bed. We spend out evenings watching TV or at the gym . We keep weekends busy – swimming lessons, children’s parties, seeing friends and spending a lot of time with family. And then the weeks start again.

What the past few months has allowed us to do is slow down. I’ve read books, watched box sets, and done so much more cross-stitch than I would have done otherwise. I’ve not made it to puzzles yet, but I am still working during the week!! The boys have had to learn to survive without structure within their day, and although the first few days / weeks were tough, they have relaxed into it and accepted it.

Lockdown has given us time to cook. I am definitely using the royal we here!! I have been locking myself away in my swiftly botched together ‘study’ during the day, leaving my husband to look after the kids. He has had every cook book we own out. Meal planning, meat buying and cooking all the food!! We have eaten some great curries, made out own humous, and more recently been making some great dirty BBQ-ed burgers! I have done some weekend baking – not all successful!! My chocolate brownies are still amazing (hummingbird bakery!) but the caramel for my banoffee was heated for too long, and I should have doubled the mixture for my Victoria sponge!! lessons learnt though!!!

Lockdown has taught my children to play. Woody has benefited from this so so much. He has always been occupied – full time nursery and then to school – and always needed to be occupied. He loves board games and puzzles, but we had to join in with them. Lego with instructions, no master builder! He depended upon us a lot to occupy him. Arlo on the other hand could occupy himself for hours – driving his little cars, tractors and monster trucks about. Over the past two months they have adopted some great American accents and play make believe for hours! Woody has learnt such a worthwhile skill this lockdown – and it means I am playing less connect 4 at the end of lockdown that I was at the beginning!!!!! such a relief!!

Lockdown has made my children bond. They have always gotten along and looked out for each other. There is only 2 years between them, and now everyone can walk, talk and feed themselves, their relationship has become more fun! They share a bedroom and chat away at bedtime – always getting told to be quiet and get back into bed – but its a cute relationship. Lockdown has strengthen this. It has made them depend upon each other to keep the boredom away. Rely upon each other to make the game work. And count on each other to know what happens next. Of course there have been arguments, and times when tiredness takes over. But the good times most definitely outweigh these. A brotherly relationship I am proud of.

In a weeks time, the boys will be heading back to school and nursery. Back to their routine. They are ready to go back and looking forward to it, but I really think they will miss each other. I think they have created something so strong though, that evenings and weekends are going to be even funner!!!