Term one of school done…

As we near the end of the first term of school, I wanted to write to document how it has gone. It has been so much more eventful than I ever imagined!!! As full time working parents, we thought we had this routine wrapped up with nursery, we drop them off, pick them up and they have a great time whilst there… school has added so many more dimensions, and things have become tougher (and I reckon this is only the beginning!).


This starting school malarkey has been so much more emotional than we could have planned for – mainly the tired and hungry types!!! We have learnt that bedtimes need to be quite strict, Woody could sleep from 7pm-7am and still be tired, especially as we near the end of term. At weekends, its worth scheduling in a longer journey so a car nap can happen! A hangry boy is usually picked up from school, and so we have learnt a car full of snacks are needed before everyone falls out (I was told this by a friend before he started, and it definitely came true).


Oh the school admin!!! So many letters to read, forms to complete and things to remember. I am an organised person, so took on this challenge, searching his school bag every day for letters, promptly reading the emails, completing forms and getting everything in the diary as soon as I have read it (I may be organised but I have the memory or a fish!). This have gotten even crazier as Christmas approached – the PTA need x y and z on these days, has the Christmas lunch form been completed, his nativity outfit needs to be in his bag etc etc etc…


The mum guilt…. Woody attends all the wrap around care – breakfast club and after school club… I can count on my fingers the amount of times I have dropped him or picked him up from his classroom door. I feel bad for this. Is he more tired because we are making him do all of this? He doesn’t get the opportunity to just watch TV after school and nag for snacks! His teacher doesn’t see me and I don’t see her. Am I missing out on this after school time with him?

On the other hand though, he has made so many friends from all different school years, and has so much confidence around the bigger kids. And he enjoys going to these sessions. He gets to play lego, do crafts, baking, watch films etc etc. He strolls in in a morning with no hassle, and moans when he has to leave!

Social Life

Oh my goodness the parties!!! It may just be that all his friends have turned 5 in this term.. but goodness there have been a lot of parties (as well as his own amazing disco party). I’m sure every weekend in November and December has included a party. It has been good to meet Woody’s friends and their parents though (as I don’t see them in the playground!!!!).


Then finally I guess, the reason he is there… he has learnt so much!!!! He is reading words, writing, and adding up. And he is really enjoying himself whilst he does this. We still haven’t got our heads completely round homework (just reading and word writing at the moment) as there isn’t much time between getting back in at 6ish and then bedtime at 7. But I’m not stressing, we will get there!!