tears at nursery drop off…

There were tears at nursery drop off this morning, and they were mine.

Some mornings are more testing than others. Some mornings everyone gets dressed without being asked too many times, get teeth cleaned and get in the car nicely. That morning was not this morning. The argument about switching the iPad off and getting dressed was long. I asked nicely, I offered support, I got angry, I shouted, I calmed down and offered help… nothing worked. I threatened to leave the house without him, even making the front door do all the noises to make it sound like we had left to panic him into getting ready. It did not work. I had to get him dressed whilst being hit and kicked, and put him in the car. My independent 4 year old being treated like a baby.

It is Friday, we are all tired, emotions are running high.

By the time we made it to nursery my tears had begun – confusion, anger, guilt. My wonderful friend turned her car around and helped me get the boys into nursery, and then gave me a kind talking to.

Sometimes this parenting malarkey is HARD!!!

I am sure he is now having a fab time at nursery while I have guilt lingering about. He is tired, feeling anxious about starting school, probably feeling anxious that we have a holiday coming up.

It is Friday, we are tired and emotional – but the weekend starts soon!!!!