Starting School…

Its still just over 4 months away, but Woody will start primary school this year. Its going to be a big process – lots of things to do and lots of emotions, so thought I’d start writing about it all.

Although he goes to nursery full time, he has been going there since he was 7 months. It is like his second home! This change is going to be so big for him. He is a thinker with a lot of emotions.

Just over a week ago we found out that he will be going to our first choice school – such a relief for may reasons:

  • its the closest school to us
  • the daily family logistics will work around this school
  • So many of his nursery friends will be going with him
  • I really liked it when I visited it

However, as we all spoke excitedly about it, we could see Woody getting a little nervous and upset about it. It means change. In the week following this we had a lot of questionable behaviour which was difficult to manage – angry, acting out, arguing, crying… he was the same at nursery. After a few days we recognised it as a change in behaviour because he was feeling anxious about something, most likely this new discussion of school.

This week I needed to take some paperwork in to secure his place, so decided to take him along to see it. I hadn’t taken him before as I didn’t want him to get one school in his head and then not get a place there. We went into the reception and spoke to a lovely lady who reassured him a lot about how nice it was there. He looked around all he could see from the reception area, and we peaked a look into the classroom which he will go into. It looked like fun, with superheroes hanging from the ceiling.

As the weeks move towards September, and more discussion around school are had, we are going to have to look out for signals on how he is feeling and manage them.

Any tips send them our way!!