Sleep regressions!!

I have written a lot about sleep… it means a lot to me!!!! I love it when the routine works and bedtime means bedtime and then they sleep all night. I love the predictability of this, and love the amount of sleep I manage to get!

Right now we seem to be going through some kind of regression. Bedtimes are fine right up until the point of putting in the cot and walking away. Then the tears start. If we manage to get past this point then we cross our fingers he doesn’t wake, because if he does then there is no going back to sleep in his own bed! This isn’t every night, and the wake time isn’t the same. There is no structure or reason for this… I’m not enjoying the unpredictability of it!!!!

Turning two has meant change for him. He has moved classrooms at nursery, which I’m sure is taking some adapting too and may be contributing to this. We have put a ban on long naps to see if it helps!

I think I remember my eldest going through the same stage, and so I have given my self some comfort in the fact it is only a regression and hopefully won’t last forever, but that doesn’t make it any easier!!