Arlo at 18 months…

It has been a while since I last blogged, but as my littlest turned 18 months I felt compelled to get his current characteristics and learning’s noted down so we don’t forget. The day to day continues, and I have to remember how important it is to stop and realise what he is doing now, and how he is turning into a little boy (although I still like to think of him as a baby!).

Arlo is a fun, smiley, happy, cuddly, little boy. He is also physically strong with a strong minded personality. He loves running about, climbing and playing rough.

He has learnt lots of words, and loves to be heard. A lot of his words center around food or vehicles, with cake, chocolate, snack, banana, cup, copter (helicopter), car, lorry and tractor being amongst his favourites. He likes to say no, but also likes to do an exaggerated nod of the head for yes. He seems to like singing too, and the boys love of the song The Boxer by Mumford and Sons (truly a Simon and Garfunkel song, but a fav of Woody’s from the deluxe edition of Babel) has been embedded in his, with shouts of ‘lie le lie’ in the car until the song is put on and he can sing along. He also enjoys a good dance, throwing his arms in air and moving his little body!! My favorite memory of him dancing was whilst we FaceTimed my sister Rebecca and niece Florence. The boys were messing about with Rob’s radio which all of a sudden came on vey loud playing an old skool classic on Kisstory, Arlo’s reaction was priceless – he ran towards the radio, moving his arms backwards and forwards above his head as if he really understood how to dance to the music! Rebecca and I could not stop laughing, it was so lovely to see.

The relationship Woody and Arlo have is just gorgeous. Arlo seems to really love Woody, watches him in awe and wants to copy everything he does. Woody in return has such patience for him, allowing him to lay on top of him when he is feeling especially boystrous and shares the ipad when Arlo demands to watch Peppa Pig. Their sibling bond really is growing, and is so lovely to watch. The little arguments and fighting have also started though, a little nudge here, cry there and wails of ‘Arlo just hit me’ can be heard, especially when everyone gets a little tired, but I see all of this as growing up with siblings and the fun of all that!!


Arlo has settled into nursery so well and seems to really enjoy himself there. He runs in in a morning, and gets sat down ready for his breakfast – no looking back at mummy waving goodbye! He enjoys all the activities there, especially playing with water, and has some lovely little friends. We think he may be left handed (he eats, draws and cleans his teeth left handed), so are paying attention to that now, not sure when they decide for sure which is the dominant hand?

It is also worth noting that at 18months, Arlo now sleeps! On the whole he will sleep though 7pm-7am. There are obviously the odd nights we get a wake up, but we have come a long way since his baby days. A few weeks ago we were getting a few too many wake ups, but a trip back to the chiropractor seemed to sort this! (Arlos sleep was an issue for me… previous blog about it here: The beginning of sleep….)

At 18 months, our baby really feels like he is becoming a toddler or a little boy!