I’ve always known the word threenager, but I don’t think I fully thought about what it meant, or what it could mean for me. However, in the past few weeks I have used the word threenager lots. My beautiful, three year old, little boy has shown signs of what I looked like as a teenager… and it wasn’t pretty. These behaviours have included:

  • shouting
  • shouting ‘this is not fair’ (i’ll tell you whats not fair!!)
  • door slamming
  • feet stomping
  • arm crossing
  • loud crying
  • suddenly showing signs of deafness (yes I am talking to you….)
  • ignoring everyone
  • refusing to get changed in a morning
  • tantrums

Its been quite strange. And was happening at home and at nursery, as well as on visits to grandparents. Having just come off holiday we put it down to getting back into routine. But it was starting to drag on.

We tried quite a few different things to move this behaviour on. This included, talking to him about it, rewarding good behaviour with sticker charts, removing toys for bad behaviour, shouting, time out step, counting to 3 A LOT etc etc… all having varying levels of effect but no real success.

And then Easter has come and gone, and the helpful, chatty little boy came back. The little boy that seems to get a little bit anxious about the unknown. We had told him what we would be doing on Easter weekend, and what it would entail (not much, just seeing friends and family), but obviously the hype and talk about it from us and at nursery was playing on his mind. We have experienced this all before, ahead of holidays, birthdays and Christmas. Hopefully as his little memory grows and he starts to remember these things happening we will stop getting these blips in behaviour…. they will just happen for other reasons!!