Arlo turns one…

Where does time go? One minute your lugging around an oversized tummy with your bone structure crippling under the increasing weight, the next your encouraging a little person to take his first steps, share his toys and giggle at funny actions. It all seems to go so fast. However, at the same time, that newborn bundle seems so long ago.

Arlo has turned one. An age that seems like such a milestone as it says goodbye to those tiny baby days, and welcomes in the beginning of the toddler years. Such a milestone as it has made me reflect a lot on his first year and how far he has come.

Sleep is such a boring topic of discussion, but I feel like the lack of it has been such a big part of Arlos first year (see The beginning of sleep….). It has all ended well though, and as he turns one, Arlo sleeps 12-13 hours a night. He has to be woken up most mornings to get ready for nursery. And he really seems to enjoy being in his cot and going to sleep. When I give him his night time bottle, he drinks as much as he can rolls his face into my chest and the wriggles until he gets put in his bed – he wants to be put in his bed and go to sleep. I did not think this would ever happen, but it makes me so happy! the boy loves sleep as much as his mummy!!!

Arlo also loves his food! As long as his teeth aren’t causing him pain, he will pretty much eat anything. As you reach to get an Ella’s Kitchen pouch out of the cupboard he gets so excited with anticipation. He often gets impatient with being fed with a spoon and just wants the end of the pouch in his mouth so he can suck it out himself. A fruit pouch can be downed in under a minute! We laughed a few weeks ago as he was picked up from nursery with the feedback that he had eaten his body weight in scones that day. he definitely has a sweet tooth! I baked a cake for his birthday and it went down very well. When we think back over his first year though, I spent so much time worrying he wouldn’t give breastfeeding and accept a bottle. He has been proof that they get there eventually and in their own time!

His first steps came about a week before he turned one. He still isn’t a confident walker, but he keeps trying and looks to be enjoying this upright position. Crawling is definitely speedier though, and so if he needs to get somewhere fast he will resort to his hands and knees. Woody learnt to walk exactly 2 weeks after he turned one, so they are very similar in that respect.


Arlo is a very happy little boy. He loves to be involved in whatever is going on. If Woody is on the floor doing puzzles or playing games, then Arlo wants to be in the middle of it, usually eating the pieces! As you can imagine this does not amuse Woody who gets slightly frustrated by things being messed up by Arlo. by they do really get along and I love watching them interacting with each other. They just need to learn to share with each other!! I’m sure this isn’t the first time I’m going to write this though!! Although he is very happy, he has also learnt how to throw a tantrum, and we are beginning to get quite a few of them! If he doesn’t get his way, he is getting very good at lying on the floor crying, or curling into a little ball with his forehead on the floor. I’m sure we have more of this to come too.

We had a low key Birthday weekend for him. No party necessary, just time spent with family which was lovely. Just time celebrating our little man!!