Making time…

With moving now not in the plans for this year it has turned my attention to what is in the plans for this year. I have recently put together a photo book of our 2017. A book full of our adventures from last year. I take so many pictures it was nice to do something with them other than flick through them on my phone! It includes Arlo being born and all the lovely pictures of our cuddly newborn, as well as maternity leave fun, weekends away and our summer holiday. It took me a fair few evenings to make it on Photobox but I’m so glad I did as I love it. A lovely keepsake for us. Woody loves looking through all the pages too and remembering what we got up to, and naming all the people, which is so nice. I would really like to make one every year now. Which makes me think, what will we get up to this year!?

I really want to make the most of our weekends too. Some fun adventures. Time with friends, Summer country shows, visits to my sisters in London, as well as quiet weekends with forest or beach walks. Lots of family time. With being back at work this year we won’t have the same time as I had with the boys last year whilst on maternity. So we need to make the most of our weekends and my annual leave. We are fortunate that the nursery the boys go to only closes for one week a year at Christmas, so we aren’t tied to school holidays for getting away. And we need to make the most of this before school starts in 2019.

We have started our planning by booking a week away to Cornwall. We love heading down to Cornwall with its sandy beaches and good food! Lots of time for walks and exploring! Although when telling Woody we had booked it and we were going to play on the sandy beaches, he said he likes stones on beaches!! I’m sure a bucket and spade will sway him though!! Its great having something to look forward to. And now I want to get the rest of my years annual leave planned so we have fun family time to look forward to. Next to plan will be a summer holiday, so doing some research!!

As I mentioned above, we are also trying to make the most of our weekend family time too. We have just joined a gym so want to take the boys swimming lots as they love being in the water. Our Marwell zoo passes have also come up for renewal and we are definitely going to renew them as it is such a great zoo, and so close to where we live. A great place for running around and seeing all the animals. We want to make sure we spend time with friends and family, and ensure the boys enjoy their weekends. At the same time as planning things though I’m always conscious of not over doing it. The boys are at nursery all week and so do need to rest at a weekend, so just playing at home and watching movies also means we are having a good time!!

Any tips on where is good to visit with a 1 year old and 3 year old, let me know!!!