Three year old tantrums….

O my goodness the emotional life of a three year old! It’s a tough one for them. So many emotions and not all the ability to be able to compute them and explain them all.

This evening has been a prime example. We come in from work and nursery with the best intentions. All home a little bit early- great we can spend extra quality time together! The three year old hasn’t napped today at nursery. Dinner time takes a hour- please stay on your seat, please eat nicely, please eat some more, two loo breaks. Bathtime started well – Lots of fun with bubbles! But then during teeth cleaning, the tooth brush begins to be used for toe cleaning and a meltdown occurs when asked to concentrate just on teeth. Further meltdowns over getting into pyjamas and into bed, and all in all the process is hard work, draining and not enjoyable. Not the family evening we had imagined. Not good quality time together.

A rational mind says this occurred as he was tired. A unusually early morning paired with no nap does that to a three year old. And tomorrow is another day and will be better. A mind at times plagued with Mum guilt blames herself for this tiredness as maybe nursery is too much. I know this isn’t the reason as between his teachers and ourselves we have spoken and know he is managing well with it. Funny what your own mind throws at you at times though.

And so the sporadic and eventful tantrums will continue. He is three after all and it is his prerogative. A bit of space to calm down, followed by cuddles and a story has helped this evening. We thought two year old meltdowns were bad- three is another level!!!