To 2018 – our new norm and making the most of family time!!

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I have written.  Back to work and managing that and home as well as the Christmas break, I guess something had to give!

It’s the beginning of 2018, and although not intended, it has given some time for reflection and future planning.

Tuesday January 2nd marked my first day back after the Christmas break (which was so lovely, but we were so ill, so didn’t get up to too much!!). Friday 5th January marked my first Friday at work in nearly a year, and me being back to work full time. The beginning of our new norm. My boys have gone back to nursery so well. I think they like the routine of it all, especially after a very relaxed Christmas break. No tears, and actual enthusiasm from Woody to see his friends and get back into nursery activities. And I’m back to work with some enthusiasm and drive to achieve something this year, so annual planning has begun.

Whilst in this thoughtful mood, Monday 8th January has had me thinking about my maternity leave. A lovely chat with a good friend on the nursery drop off this morning, makes you long for those hours we spent drinking coffee, eating cake and nattering whilst our babies fed/slept/fidgeted of an afternoon. Then I drove past another fellow mum, who was walking towards her Monday morning class with toddler in tow. The same class we did with them for the whole of 2017 as I learnt to juggle life as a mum of 2 and used it as good practice for getting out of the house! I’m reflecting on maternity leave through rose tinted glasses, but it was fab!!!

In our family plans for a while has been that the beginning of 2018 would begin the hunt for a new home. We did the planning, got the house on the market, started our search, have had our house viewed, we have viewed some houses, and then realisation (and a couple of sleepless nights) hit and we fell back in love with our home and decided to stay put. Lots of things led us to this decision, but having made the decision there is an excitement for what else we can plan for this year instead. Holidays, day trips and lots of family time! I suppose when we only get 2 days a week to spend as a 4, then we have to make the most of it.

So to 2018 – our new norm and making the most of family time!!