Arlo at 9 Months…

The old cliche- Arlo has now been here for as long as he was in my tummy. 9 months in, 9 months out. It seems to have come as such a milestone that I wanted to capture what he is up to!

Firstly, he is now so grown up he attends nursery 4 days a week. He seems to be really enjoying spending time with other children and has settled in fine! Apart from day 1, there have been no drop off tears. I think he is still a bit bemused by what is going on. As I said, he is loving the other children. He loves to show his affection through kisses, and I think a lot of his new friends have been on the receiving end of these- with a mouth full of weetabix and all!!!! He does get to see Woody during the day, which I love. Whether it’s Arlo going to visit Woody, or Woody sneaking away to see Arlo (it’s hard to be cross when you find out Woody has been telling fibs regarding which teacher has allowed him to visit the baby room!) they both seem to enjoy the fact they can see each other during the day.

A few days before turning 9 months Arlo started crawling! He had been rolling around for ages, and become very efficient and quick at it, and then all of a sudden he managed to get up on his knees and crawling began. Our laminate flooring is a slight challenge for him, and he finds it easier here to drag his body along like an injured soldier (picture the little green soldiers in toy story- never leave a man behind!!!). He is getting about quickly now, and is into everything! You think your house is child friendly as you already have one, but there are hazards! Mainly Playmobil! So eyes on the back of our heads are required.

After the massive stress caused by Arlo not taking a bottle, he started taking one and then decided this was the good stuff!! He’s become really good at taking a bottle both at home and at nursery, to the point that breast feeding was no longer settling him (not quick and filling enough?). So on the day before he turned 9 months, I breastfed him for the last time. There were a few tears a few days before this at the realisation that it was over, but I’m ok now and happy if he is happy! Plus it gets me out of doing all the night feeds!!!!

On the topic of sleep, the number of nightfeeds are reducing!!!!!! We have had one night where he slept for nearly 11 hours, and many now where he is only waking once for a feed. Nights of unbroken sleep are definitely making me feel better. So much has changed that we aren’t too sure what has helped the sleep, but whatever it is has been welcomed! I have started taking him to a Chiropractor as heard this could help. They said that he does have a slightly stiff neck and so we are halfway through 4 weeks of treatments. I do think this has been part of the reason he has started sleeping. He only used to nap for about 45 minutes in his bed, however in the last week at nursery this has increased, with one nap lasting nearly 2 hours! Also contributing to better sleep will be crawling, eating, drinking formula, nursery making him tired etc etc!! Sleep can become such an issue when you aren’t getting it, especially now I’m back at work and needing to properly function during the day- so this is a major milestone for us! Long may it last!!!!!

So all in all, a lot is happening at the moment in Little Arlo’s world. He continues to be a smiley, happy boy who’s company we really enjoy. Now he is crawling there will be no stopping him, as he becomes less of a baby everyday…(I’m savouring the baby snuggles while I can still get them!).