First week back at work…

So it is the end of the first week back at work. The end of the week where Arlo started nursery. The end of the week where we learnt how to juggle jobs and two children. The beginning of our new norm.

All in all it has been a really positive week. Firstly, I have enjoyed being at work. I feel like I have never been away and I feel like I still have something to contribute. Its been lovely being amongst my colleagues and having adult conversations (and hot coffee). Also, we have slotted back into the old routine we had before Arlo came along really well. Two children make it slightly more crazy, but it works. A major win has been that we have driven into the nursery carpark early every day! The doors don’t open until 8am, and we have been ready for them!!! Not too sure how long this will continue for, but we have started off well!

Monday morning was hard. We walked into nursery and I dropped Arlo off fine. Then took Woody upstairs and he was crying a bit and didn’t want me to leave – he was absolutely fine, just wanted to pull on my heart strings! Then as I popped my head into the baby room on my way out I could see Arlo really crying and spitting out the weetabix he had just been given. Now this really pulled at my heart strings and filled me with mum guilt. I just had to walk away though. I trust the girls at the nursery so much, and know they would make him happy and he would be fine. I told myself this the whole way to work. I couldn’t phone Rob as I knew I would just cry if I did. So a good talking to myself and I was fine.

Following this, Arlo has settled into nursery so well. They seem to love having him there (everyone loves baby cuddles!) and it looks like he is enjoying the activities he is doing. He is also eating them out of house and home, which is a good sign he’s relaxed there! He also goes to visit Woody everyday, which is really lovely. So so nice they have each other there. He still hasn’t sorted out his sleep, but we are working on it!

Woody doesn’t seem to have noticed that he went to nursery for an extra day this week, so all good there! he has started nativity rehearsals and seems to be so excited about it and really enjoying them, so all good there!!

We had Friday together, just me and the boys, which I thought was going to be lovely and relaxing and enjoyable, but Woody did test the boundaries which made it quite hard work. I don’t know whether its a stage or he is pushing me because I have gone back to work. Time will tell and we’ll just need to manage it! Are the terrible twos becoming the difficult threes!?!?

So anyway, on the whole a good week. Although, my house is a mess and I have washing and ironing to do. But thats what Sundays are for hey?