Early weaning….

I find weaning to be such a big milestone. Your baby becomes a proper little person when they learn that there is more to life than just milk. I find it very exciting too. All these new foods, flavours and texture to explore!! I really enjoyed weaning with Woody, and he is such a good little eater now that we continue to enjoy exploring with food. I have been adamant to wait until 6 months though with both the boys as this is what guidance says. I have read that babies that are weaned before 6 months are more susceptible to allergies. Well I have food allergies and am crossing everything that my boys don’t have them too. My peanut allergy is anaphylactic and I really don’t want this for either of them, so I was adamant that weaning would not happen until 6 months. Woody started on food the day he turned 6 months, but we just haven’t been able to wait with Arlo (cue mum guilt).

There are a few reasons why it seems right to start introducing food to Arlo before 6 months, these include: 

  • He seems interested in food! He sits on one of our laps or in his baby bouncing next to us when we eat dinner and has recently started looking like he wants to get involved!! Grabbing at plates and munching his little mouth. 
  • He seems hungry! Arlo is exclusively breastfed, and in the last couple of weeks I have started to feel like maybe I’m not giving him enough. I haven’t felt like my breasts have had the chance to feel full, and he has fed more frequently. I am trying to eat a more balanced diet for him, and have ordered some lactation cookies (I’ve heard good things about how they can help with supply, and taste good. And even if it’s just the later of those that sounds fine with me!!) so hopefully that will help. But he has been moaning a lot and I feel that that is his noise for telling me he is hungry.
  • He still doesn’t sleep!! He continues to wake 2-3 times in the night, and recently some nights has got over tired and fussy and not wanted to sleep, which I think food will help!! I haven’t had a good night sleep in about 6 months and it’s taking its toll.
  • Everything goes in his mouth! So I think he is ready for that to be food.
  • He won’t take a bottle, so formula isn’t an option until he changes his mind about this.
  • He has become very active! He rolls around the floor and could bounce all day in his jumperoo- the boy uses a lot of energy which needs fuelling. 
  • He has two teeth!!! Well they must have grown early for a reason?!?!

So last week, after some persuasion from my mum (why do they always know best!?!), we gave him a bit of baby rice. For 4 days this went well and he only had one sleepy wake up at about 3ish, which started to make me feel so much better. We have had a few harder days as I think he has been a little under the weather, or his body is adjusting, or his teeth are doing something (explosive poo’s, waking at night, unsettled) or any other mum excuse we can come up with when not entirely sure about what’s wrong with our babies!! But today feels a bit better and he has just tried baby porridge and seemed to enjoy it, so here’s hoping for good things!!! 

I think I’ll do another day of the porridge and then I’ll get cooking and start the veg purée’s. I did purees with Woody and it has done him well, so think it will be the same for Arlo. It feels like weaning has really begun now, wish us luck!!!!!