Woody at 2 and a half…

As Woody turned 2 and a half last week I thought it was a good milestone to document Woody at this age. He has felt very grown up for ages. Since Arlo’s arrival he has taken his role as big brother very seriously and with that became a little boy instead of a baby or toddler. He is always telling us how much he loves Arlo and that he is a Big brother and Arlo is a Little Brother (probably just relaying what we have been telling him!). He also freely hands out the cuddles and kisses to Arlo. Now don’t be mistaken the green eyed monster does appear. There have been moments when I have been told not to feed Arlo even when he is crying, and has tapped Arlo a few times slightly too hard. But on the whole though, there is a lot of love.


One of Woody’s greatest loves at the moment is music. He loves a nursery rhyme and is constantly singing the wheels on the bus or Old MacDonald. He has watched so many YouTube videos of people singing nursery rhymes that he copies them by strumming along on an air guitar or the small Early Learning Centre Ukulele we got him. Putting on his cowboy hat, strumming along on his guitar and tapping his foot to Mumford and Sons is also good fun. His loves The Boxer (originally by Simon and Garfunkel) and also I Will Wait. Every song that comes on the radio at the moment is his song – ‘this is my song mummy’, and dancing on the rug in the living room is a must! At a recent wedding he was first on the dance floor and did not stop until he just got too tired at 10pm.

I’m sure like all children, Woody loves being outside. He loves going for a walk, and we are lucky enough to have lots of local routes to give him some choice. The trip to the beach for a walk is always a favourite as it involves a park and usually an ice cream!! He has become so good at using his scooter (scooting with his right foot on the board and pushing with his left foot which my brain can’t compute), and once he grows just another centimetre will be amazing on his balance bike.


Favourite indoor activities are definitely doing puzzles, building with duplo and playing in the teepee! He also enjoys cleaning more than I do so will often do some hoovering or undo the dishwasher (obviously all with a bit of helicopter parenting!!!). At the weekend he even helped out with cleaning the patio with the jet washer. Anything to spend extra time with Daddy!


We have been really lucky in that Woody loves food and will eat and try most things. When asked he would say his favourite food is Pizza on the floor – when we get domino’s delivered and all sit on the floor to eat it! He also loves a picnic, but tends to stand up for those (I think he is just too excited about eating outdoors to want to sit down!!). On a recent trip to Marwell Zoo my friends daughters sat beautifully for their picnic, while Woody’s bum didn’t touch the rug, instead choosing to dance around whilst picking up the occasional cocktail sausage or strawberry. He also has a bit of a sweet tooth (which was probably inevitable) and likes a chocolate, cake or biscuit. Now that I am on maternity leave we always sit down together to have dinner instead of us eating once Woody is in bed. This has been a really enjoyable thing to do. Often though, Arlo ends up on mine or Rob’s knee which then means Woody wants to sit on Rob’s knee and be helped with his dinner. I am looking forward to having both boys eating at the table discussing their days!!

I will add that not every minute of every day is rosy. Woody can be a bit stubborn and wants to do everything himself and when things don’t go his way throws a brilliant tantrum! This can be quite testing and frustrating and requires a lot of patience (which I don’t always have, especially when tired), but we get there! Allowing him the time to do things himself and making sure he doesn’t get bored often avoids a meltdown.

We are going through a few other milestones at the moment. We have taken the side off of his cotbed so he can freely get in and out. It has been a few weeks now and once he has been put to bed his feet don’t touch the carpet until he comes through to our room in the morning. We were not expecting this, we thought it would become a nightmare with constantly having to put him back in his bed, but not yet (touch wood). Also, we have begun potty training. We are only a few days in, but things seem to be going ok so will be sticking with it!

2 and a half is a great age. He is such a chatterbox and the conversations we now have, and the things he comes out with are brilliant. He is super company and I’m looking forward to lots more milestones ahead!!