Arlo at 11 weeks old…

A slightly random age to be writing this at but As it approaches 11 weeks since Arlo was born, things feel like they are beginning to settle. He is a very chilled baby who hardly seems to cry unless he is starving and needs food right that second or is starting to get tired. He quite happily lays on his play mat chatting and smiling away to himself, or enjoys being in his bouncy chair watching what we are up to. He also doesn’t really get painful wind and isn’t a sicky baby, which has meant I’ve had no real need for muslins this time round. Arlo has started to get himself into a bit of a routine as he is awake more. He usually naps mid to late morning, wakes for a bit and then sleeps some more in the afternoon. He then stays awake until he goes to sleep at night which is anytime between 8 and 10.

Breastfeeding continues to go well. He has become super efficient and so a long feed usually lasts about 20mins. This is longer if he falls asleep though! As he starts to sleep more at night though I do find myself feeding more during the day. Obviously I do prefer it this way though as I love my sleep. I also find my boobs get really full if he hasn’t fed in a few hours and this has a way of making me so irritable until he has fed so it’s better if that happens whilst I’m asleep. Very odd!! Arlo is putting on weight well. I got him weighed this week and he was 13lb14, so practically a stone, and continues to sit exactly on the 75th percentile. His 0-3month clothes are starting to get snugger, so I do need to get the 3-6 month clothes ready really quickly. 
We have also started swimming ‘lessons’. We are doing them at a new place that has opened close to us. It has a small, warm pool which is ideal for teaching babies and children to swim. We have been to two lessons now and they have been so much fun. Very similar to the ones I did with Woody- nice and calm with lots of songs. Arlo seems to be really enjoying them. He is really chilled out when in the water and we get lots of smiles. He went under water in his first lesson and was fine with it, and this continued in the second class. So here’s hoping I have another water baby on my hand and he continues to love it.

Woody and Arlo’s relationship really seems to continue to grow as Arlo becomes more interactive. Woody loves chatting to him and stroking his cheeks to make him smile. He loves referring to him as his brother, even informing me the other day in the car that his brother was crying! He also continues to be very proud of the fact he is a big brother which makes me smile a lot. Arlo loves watching Woody and just seems fascinated by him!! I have huge hopes that this bond will continue to grow and that they are close.

I am doing good. My joints have stopped being as painful which is a great for being able to move about easier. I am into my third week on Weight Watchers, loosing 5lb across the first two weeks, and it is really helping me focus on what I’m eating without cutting out all luxuries. I have also started a mummy and baby Pilates class and my goodness do I hurt the day after, which can only be a good thing. I am also continuing to try and walk more. I’m still not managing 10,000 steps a day but I’m getting way over 5k so I’m seeing this as progress. Hopefully this is all just the beginning of getting a body I can be happier with. I’m enjoying my maternity leave. I do find the days I have both boys at home harder trying to juggle both their needs and demands, but coffee and the occasional biscuit do help me!!!!

Things Arlo is doing:

  • Watching his big brother intensely and giving him lots of smiles
  • Chatting – ‘oooo’ being his favourite word!!
  • Moving his legs up and down lots when lying down (it won’t be long until he starts rotating)
  • Sleeping a little better at night (we have had a few nights with just two wake ups lasting under 30mins)!!
  • Has found his hands and enjoys staring at them and sucking on them
  • Lots and lots of smiles