Baby weight… I need to start facing into it sooner rather than later

It has been 8 weeks since I gave birth and time has flown by! I wasn’t sleeping well toward the end of pregnancy, but sleep (or lack of) is completely different with a newborn!! I am the type of person that loves 8-10 hours sleep a night! 9pm means bedtime to me, and when pregnant I could be in bed even earlier than this. So the late nights and broken sleep with a newborn have been hard work (why have these been removed from my memory from when Woody was a baby!?). To make up for the lack of sleep I probably have made up for it by eating my way through tiredness during this time! A little bit more chocolate or cake at times of weakness to get me through the day. Arlo is beginning to get a bit better at sleeping though (touch wood before I jinx myself), and I am becoming more used to the lack of sleep (and have started drinking coffee again!!). So 8 weeks in I’m thinking it needs to be time I sort this out.

I have been on a diet forever! I first started at university when I moved away from home and ate too much!!!! I joined weight watchers for the first time then at the age of 19. My 20s have been episodes of dieting for major events and then not. I’ve been quite happy with this!! During my first pregnancy I ate too much. Took the eating for two thing a bit too far and put on rather a lot of weight. I gave birth 4 days after my 30th birthday, and photos of my birthday are not ones I enjoy looking at! So with this pregnancy I tried harder to not eat as much chocolate and put on as much weight. That of course only works to an extent and there is definitely baby weight to now loose! I need to loose the weight because the scales say so, so that I can start fitting into clothes I own and to make me feel better about looking at myself in the mirror.

Two weeks after having Arlo I had lost 2 stone when compared to the days before his birth. He weighed 9lb7 and then I was retaining a lot of water. 8 weeks on though there is a lot more to loose, probably another 2 stone, and it’s something I want to start working on soon. I will never be a skinny malinky, but I need to loose some of this mum tum!! So for the umpteenth time I have joined up to Weight Watchers to help me loose the weight. I am currently exclusively breast feeding and Weight Watchers increase the amount of points I am allocated to allow for the extra calories needed for this. So instead of 30 daily points, I get 52! I feel this will ease me into dieting and will still allow the occasional slice of cake. When I dieted after having Woody I was loosing a constant pound a week and then felt I lost a lot more once I stopped breast feeding- like my body was hanging onto the weight to sustain the feeding. So I am expecting/ hoping it will go the same this time and I won’t find it too hard.

I also need to do more exercise! My bones and joints were quite painful during pregancy and since having Arlo, so I’ll be doing this gradually. I have a Fitbit and have always been terrible at getting anywhere close to achieving 10,000 steps a day. With warmer and longer days though we are managing to get out more and this is helping. Being outside and walking is good for Woody and for me so win win!! So I’m building to achieving 10,000 a day and will make sure I strive to do this everyday. I have also been searching for a mum and baby Pilates class in my local area and have finally found one which I start in two weeks time. I’ve not really done Pilates before and am really looking forward to this. I’m hoping it will help my joints and posture, and with that stop my tummy sticking out so much!!!

So after this Easter weekend (and the traditional chocolate consumption this weekend brings) it all begins. Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how I’m getting on in a few months time….