The need for to-do lists…

We are four and a half weeks in to being a family of 4. A little routine is beginning (for the family, not the baby!!) as the new norm settles which is nice. Woody really dictates with the routine of old, and we fit everything else around this. I am really enjoying spending more time with all the boys. When I was working, I would get home from work at 6.15pm-ish and we would have a quick chat and then start bedtime routine- bath, story, bed. All that would be done within an hour and that would be my time with Woody over until the morning. Now though, on a Monday and Friday I am doing things with Woody (playing, walks, hair cuts!!), and the middle of the week we are making sure we sit down for dinner as a family. A lot more time together and Woody is becoming less of a Daddy’s boy and actually asking for me first at times!

I was beginning to feel the days and weeks running away though and had the feeling of not accomplishing much. I was getting to the end of a day where I had sat watching daytime tv and spending way too much time on Instagram saying ‘o I meant to do….’, ‘I have complete forgotten to…’, and dwelling on the fact I was so tired. So I have reverted to what I would do at work when my memory started to flail- write a to-do list! On Sunday evening I got my note book, wrote the week commencing date at the top of the page and listed all the things I knew I wanted/ needed to do this week. Phone calls to be made, money to the bank, appointments booked, bits to the post office etc etc. Nothing too major, no real deadlines, but it has made me so much more organised this week!! Phone calls all done and crossed off in one sitting (the child benefit people managed to spell Arlo’s name wrong on their paperwork- they had all the forms I filled out and his birth certificate… it only has 4 letters!!!!), trips to town and internet searches complete. This may all sound a bit weird, but it has made me feel so much better!! Like I’m achieving something, even though I’m on maternity leave (other than looking after my babies!!).

Jobs can’t be completed every day though- yesterday as an example I had a very hungry baby who required a lot of feeding, burping, rocking and nappy changing, so not much else happened, but this doesn’t happen everyday and so my lists will keep me organised for those days. I also feel like I need to make a list of the things I want to accomplish during my maternity leave. I am planning to take about 9 months mat leave, and so will be heading back to working around November time. If I don’t put some plans in place then I know this time will run away, so weekends away, holidays, swimming lessons and other things I know I want to do are going to need to be booked in and planned. I really want to get the most out of this time away from work.

This isn’t about doing loads and running myself into the ground, but about being more organised and feeling a sense of achievement… lets see how it goes….!