2 weeks into having 2 children…

Two weeks ago today Arlo was born. The threat of being induced was heard, and my contractions started naturally on due date. I will write another post about my birth story another day, that’s not for now. Today is about reflecting on the first 2 weeks of our newborn and becoming a family of 4!! I have put together a few points below about the newborn things we have been reminded about and also a few things we are learning about now we have two children.

Newborn things we had forgotten:

  • Newborns like to be awake at night. It seems this is really easy to forget or have blocked from your memory!! But how tired you feel because baby wants to be awake feeding at night rather than during the day is a horrible feeling. Luckily for us Arlo didn’t take too long to realise we would prefer it if he slept more at night and the heading to be at 3am got moved to 10.30pm instead (we are only 2 weeks in- we shall see how this goes!!!). When awake in the middle of the night though, not knowing when the baby will eventually fall asleep feels like the longest hours ever.
  • Feeling really really tired. That totally exhausted feeling you get due to labour starting in the middle of the night, then giving birth, then a practically sleepless night in the hospital, then home with a newborn (and toddler)… it gets easier though which is probably why we forget about it!!!
  • Where do the hours in a day go. The need just to get a few household chores done- where does time go!?! I’m sure once we are in a bit more of a routine we will find some minutes to get things done.
  • Little boys wee lots when the nappy comes off. This is something I was quickly reminded about and so out came the old flannels for covering up winky during changing (a tip we were given from my aunt after complaining of many middle of the night changes with Woody). On the flip side, I was very impressed with myself after a poo came firing at me during our first nappy change in the hospital and my quick reactions caught all in the nappy!! Mummying like a pro!!!!

Things we are learning about having a second child:

  • It’s tough! On many levels this is. It is obviously harder work having two people make demands of you instead of just one, and we are getting used to this. Knowing who and what demand should be priority. It is also tougher on an emotional level. I hadn’t prepared myself for the feelings I have had about Woody- missing him whilst in hospital, anxious about him meeting Arlo and how it would all make him feel, and the guilt at not being able to give him all of my attention where he would have previously had it. Both me and my husband are first born though and don’t feel we were effected by the arrival of our siblings, so we figure Woody will be fine in the long run!!
  • We are definitely more relaxed with the second. There have been fewer unknowns this time round which gives a level of confidence. The crying doesn’t scare me like it did first time round and I don’t jump to attention at every noise he makes. I don’t know if Arlo is a more relaxed baby or whether us being more relaxed rubs off on him, but it definitely feels different in a good way.
  • Your first born doubles in size when you bring home a newborn. It’s not like he actually grew overnight but it feels like it!! Changing nappies is where I find the biggest difference. The size difference on the changing mat, gangly vs scrunched up limbs, size 1 vs size 6 nappies!! And the weight difference when lifting them, o my back!!

I am sure these lists are not complete and will become really long as the weeks go on. I am expecting a few more personal learnings to come from Monday when Rob goes back to work and I stay at home with the two munchkins…wish me luck!!!!