39 weeks pregnant… my feet are getting fat!!

So the countdown to baby continues! Saturday saw me make it to 39 weeks and so it really does feel like it could be any minute really. It is all starting to feel a lot more real and I am really looking forward to holding this little man in my arms.

Friday saw my latest midwife appointment, and history began to repeat itself. In the last week of my pregnancy with Woody my body started to swell and my blood pressure went high, which meant days spent at the hospital day assessment monitoring my blood pressure and the baby, which then led to me being induced. So when I turned up to the midwife on Friday in my flip-flops as I couldn’t get my shoes on it was the first sign that history was repeating itself. My blood pressure had risen and so I was sent off to day assessment for the afternoon. All test results were fine and we were sent home after 2.5 hours (still in flip-flops even though it had started snowing!!).

So we spent the weekend just as a 3, eating too much food and watching too much rugby on the telly, but it was nice and relaxing. I napped quite a lot and kept my feet up to try and stop them from swelling too much. By the end of a day though massive feet seems to be inevitable whatever I’ve done.

My checkup on Monday with the midwife saw continued high blood pressure, so back to hospital it was. This time though, they decided to start me on drugs to bring it down and keep me in over night to monitor. So I have spent 24hrs on the antenatal ward being monitored every 4 hours. There were lots of ladies in the early stages of labour, who during my time there were taken off to the labour ward to have their babies, and is on the same corridor as postnatal, so lots of little babies were about. All in all it was rather noisy and not a lot of sleep happened, my relaxation apps and music only helped to block out so much. So I was quite glad to be discharged this morning and allowed home to rest. It was slightly odd leaving the ward still with my big baby bump and not a baby, but I will be back there in the next week to have my baby, so know it will happen soon!!!

The difference this time round in comparison to my first pregnancy is we now have Woody to consider in all of this. Woody was with me on Friday as it was one of our days at home. We had planned an afternoon of baking oat cookies and brownies, but instead we had to get Rob home from work to go and sit in the hospital. Luckily Woody’s Grandma could come and get him, but first he had to see the blood pressure machine a lot and also the straps being put round my tummy to monitor the baby. He was such a good boy, so well behaved, but his little face having to watch this happen and not understanding exactly what was going on made me feel sad and worried for him. Was nice when it was all over and we could pick him up and get home to some normality for him. I decided to have him go to nursery on Monday just incase something happened, and was glad I had done this. Rob and him came to visit me for an hour though on Monday evening, which was so nice as I was finding it slightly lonely.

We are all home now (including my mum who is now about just incase something happens), and so hopefully will have a few days to recover from this before baby comes. Getting very excited to have baby here though and part of our family!