38 weeks pregnant – pre-baby maternity leave continues….

So I am just over a week into maternity leave and baby has not yet arrived. As I write this I am 38+3 and no sign of baby yet. I was induced at 40+2 with Woody so I am not expecting anything yet, but am trying to be as best prepared as I can be. Hospital bag is packed (and I will put it in the car today), and I feel prepared for baby, its just keeping my house tidy and organised!! I am not ashamed to say I am not the best ‘homemaker’. Cleaning and tidying is not something I am especially good at or enjoy, but I do know it is necessary, so I am pushing myself to ensure things get done and my house looks presentable!!

Due to having worked full time, and Woody being very much a Daddy’s boy, I wanted to spend some time with him before the baby arrived, just the two of us. As I have previously mentioned, he used to do 5 days at nursery and we have taken this down to 3, so for now those 2 extra days are just for me and him. I keep thinking it must be really boring spending the day with me in comparison to a day with all his friends and activities at nursery, but we have been playing with Duplo, doing some colouring, watching movies together (the joy I felt when he asked to watch Woody and Buzz aka Toy Story!!) and going to a local music & movement class. We have also been listening and dancing to lots of music (Mumford and Sons and Rihanna being some of his favourites!!), and got him a mini guitar as he kept strumming away to anything he could get his hands on. It has been really lovely.

Being very pregnant with rather swollen ankles and a desire to nap has made constant toddler time a little tough though. I am also getting used to having someone in my shadow all the time too! We had to have a chat yesterday about me wanting to go to the loo by myself. I put music on in his room so he could have a dance whilst I got a few minutes alone in the bathroom. this didn’t stop him coming in every time the song changed just to let me know, but it did stop his desire to sit on my knee whilst I was busy!!!

A few days now with Woody at nursery for me to rest and organise. As I write this I am watching Call the Midwife – I think I have too many hormones and am too emotional for this!!!!!

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  1. I am also a member of the anti cleaning club. I hate it and when I was heavily pregnant and very emotional, I used to get upset thinking about doing it. Now 4 months postpartum I don’t get as upset but I still hate it with a passion. I hope you have a safe delivery and birth and I hope you keep us updated! Good luck with everything and rest up whilst you can xxx

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