Maternity Leave has Begun!!

So I am one day down into my mat leave and surviving!!

I finished work on Friday which, as I previously mentioned, was slightly bitter sweet as I do enjoy my work. I was truly spoilt with some beautiful mummy and baby gifts which was so lovely.

So, first day down of mat leave! Woody has been in full time nursery since he was 8 months old so we couldn’t just stop this just because I was going to be at home. It wouldn’t be fair to him, as he gets so much from nursery. So he will be spending 3 days a week at nursery now and 2 days at home with me (plus the weekend!!). Monday is one of our days, so this morning we tried out a toddler music class in the village we live in, which was good. Woody was slightly unsure to start, but got into it as soon as the music started! He spent the last 10 minutes banging a drum and shaking a Tamborine whilst singing Jingle Bells (he doesn’t seem to have grasped the fact we are over Christmas!!). We then spent the rest of the day playing with cars and watching The Gruffalo.

We are still unsure what position baby is in! He is not making it obvious for anyone. So I’ve another appointment with the midwife tomorrow to hopefully try and find out. Something is going on though as my hips and pelvic bones are in so much pain, so maybe baby is getting into position.

The rest of my week is going to be getting tidy and sorted, so that I feel organised for baby’s arrival. I desperately need to get my hospital bag packed, so thats first thing on the list for tomorrow morning, followed by getting my house in order. I’m also hoping to sneak a nap in too!!!!