Last week at work!

I am now approaching 37 weeks pregnant, which for me means my last week of work!!

This is slightly bitter sweet as I do enjoy working. I enjoy being part of a large business, interacting with people and using my brain. However, I am getting so tired and feel I just want to be lay on a sofa at times during the day (especially around 2pm in the afternoon), not sat at my desk or in meetings. I am definitely looking forward to a bit of time to relax, get admin type stuff done (like my haircut, eye test and maybe a little daytime trip to the cinema), and spend some extra time with Woody before he becomes a big brother.

My final day is Friday, which is also the day of my next midwife appointment where she will see which way round baby is. I wish I was better at knowing whether he is still breach or not. I feel optimistic that he is now head down, as movements have changed. I feel like I have had limbs in my ribs, which I hadn’t felt before, and also hiccups at the bottom of my tummy. Both of these suggest to optimistic me that he has turned, but we shall see.

With work ending and due date approaching I am very conscious I need to get my hospital bag actually packed, and get the last bits and bobs bought. As I previously said, we kept everything from when Woody was a baby so have all necessities, but there are a few new bits I have on my list of desirables. Lets hope I get baby gives me some time to get sorted!!