34 weeks pregnant

With Christmas over, the new baby’s arrival seems so much closer. Some little panics have meant purchases have been made for the hospital bag, and Sunday just gone saw us getting all baby paraphernalia out of the loft in preparation. We have always planned for two children so as Woody grew out of things they were kept in the loft for the next baby! Our house is now filled with teeny baby grows and cardigans, a Moses basket and bouncy chairs. So much stuff!!!!

I’m starting to get rather large now, but have been told by the midwife that I’m measuring average so that makes me feel better! Baby is breech though and so we discussed options for this at my appointment today. Hoping baby turns though so will be spending time on all fours to encourage this!! Also rediscovered in today’s appointment that I have an irregular heartbeat. This was picked up by the midwife during my first pregnancy but the ECG didn’t find it. The ECG found it today though, but all is fine as seemingly it’s quite common. Discussed birth plan today too, it’s all starting to happen so quickly!!!!