A sober Christmas 

This was Woody’s 3rd Christmas, and they really do get better every year. He acknowledged who Father Christmas was this year (although visiting him was not such a great experience), leaving a mince pie and whiskey out for him and a carrot for Rudolph, and was very excited in the morning with stockings and presents. For me, at 7 months pregnant, it was a sober Christmas, which probably meant I compensated with too much chocolate and dessert, but it meant no fuzzy head mornings which are the worst with a demanding toddler! I did miss the champagne and trying of new gins, but they will still be there when I’m not pregnant! 
For the week before Christmas, Woody had forgotten how to go to bed without a breakdown and then sleep through the night, so we were both pretty knackered and in need of a break. 5 days at my parents solved that! Sleeping in the travel cot delivered 12 hour nights as well as daytime naps – probably the excitement of Christmas being slightly overwhelming! But all the sleeping and break from the everyday has definitely benefitted us all.

We are home now and there are toys everywhere, someone has been thoroughly spoilt. I do feel gin would help with getting through the mess and new storage research!!